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NEWS - Autumn 2015


In Memory of George Meehan and Patrick Tonge

Both George Meehan and Patrick Tonge died recently. Both men in different ways were great supporters of the Centre. George, the former leader of Haringey Council, last visited the Centre on October 10th when he spoke at the opening of the new suite of offices for the Advice and Support Service. It was a proud moment for us all. George was a key Councillor in creating the tradition that helped Community Centres survive and prosper.

Patrick was also a former Haringey Councillor. In recent years he regularly attended the Lunch Club and was an active member of the Emerald United Club. Over a number of years he marched proudly in the London St Patrick’s Day parade alongside the Montserrat Masquerade United group.

Both George and Patrick planted “many trees” in their roles as a public servants and community organisers. We appreciate and enjoy the fruits of their work.

“Cast a cold eye on life and death. Horseman pass by.”


The need to be optimistic

Over recent months the effect of Haringey Council going into self-preservation mode has become apparent for community groups. The Irish Centre’s commissioning funding, amounting to £40,000, has been completely cut. The circular funding grant will end in April 2017 resulting in big rent increases.

Yet we must remain optimistic, question the Council’s decision and do all that we can to change it. Community groups through their services and activities are a force for improvement in the Borough. But that is known already.

The future is not known, however, events can happen such as the impact of the Care Act 2014 that will make our services and activities far more relevant.

The other reason to be optimistic is the formation of the Haringey Community Centres Network (HCCN) consisting of community groups affected by the Council’s policy. HCCN are determined to change the Council’s policy and reassert the era of effective collaboration between the Council and Community Centres in the Borough. Follow our updates.



Haringey Irish Centre Volunteers receive Unsung Women's Awards for services to the centre - the ceremony was held at Haringey Civic Centre on Sat March 7th to mark International Women's Day and was organised by Cllr Sheila Peacock! Well done all.
From left to right: Bernie MacGowan, Cindy O' Garro, Annie Whyte, Mary Laudon, Moire Tirrell, Mary Burke  not in pic as she was in Ireland but received an award as well)













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